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Whither Pakistan?

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Lots of changes happening in Pakistan – new President (today); recent Prime Minister and the country continues to go downhill. The Americans have always supported Pakistan as an ally – but of course this was convinient to the Pakistanis. The American money kept flowing and the Pakistanis kept doing what they do best – feeding the Taliban monster.

An article in the NY Times questions Pakistan’s loyalty. The Americans seem to have just woken up. But seriously, the direction is taking is really a ticking time bomb with real bad implications for India.

For once, Pakistan needs to get over it’s obesession with India and create an identity for itself that different from being “not-India”. Grow up guys, there is a whole world out there and lots of problems to solve in both our countries. So let’s not waste people by blowing them up.


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September 6, 2008 at 3:08 am

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